Blowing Runny Nose

Thats what its been like, over the holiday+ 1 week thereafter. An unshakable cold, with the Son and Heir having his take the form of a hacking cough.

Antibiotics all round!
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Here's Hoping 2019 Is Better....

2018 was a s*@*t year. My mother's funeral at the beginning, health problems in the middle, a much loved family pet, my cat who was nearly 20 years old, dying at the end, just before Christmas.

Hope 2019 is better.
To everyone out there who has been having a rough time, I'm with you.
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Peace, Health, Prosperity to All....

At the end of a year with all sorts of problems, particularly health, I wish all of you out there happiness over this holiday season (whether you celebrate Christmas or not),

Christmas Eve, myself, a dear Canadian friend, and The Son & Heir, we all went to Chinatown here in London and had FABULOUS roast duck, soft shell crab, dim sum,chicken feet in black bean sauce, and other delish treats. Its a tradition we started several years ago. And we ordered so much food to take home as well, that today for the first time I did NO cooking at Christmas. So the lack of a working oven was not a problem.

Today's Christmas lunch, and dinner transported me to China...

Nǐ hǎo
néih hóu

Shèngdàn jié kuàilè
black girl going 'squee!'


My birthday was on the 26th November. Its been a hard 3 or 4 months, with dreadful health news. But in the last 2+ weeks, things have taken a turn for the better. And I've managed to participate in this year's NaNoWriMo again.
I'm encouraging everyone who is taking part. You can do it! That last 2000-5000 word sprint. Join me at the finish line!

Lets go and celebrate by reading a load of the wonderful works on AO3.

shine a light on our new generation


I saw Logan a while ago. But its only now - with some ...distance- that I can write about it.
This.Film.Is. BRILLIANT.

This is a grown up movie.
Dealing with regret,aging,loss,responsibility,family. The Fast & Furious franchise is always going on about 'family'. Logan is family in action. Its a modern Western. Logan- no longer the Wolverine- is older, broken down and caring for an elderly, frail, fractious Professor X who is suffering from something like dementia/Alzheimers. Which makes him incredibly dangerous as he's the world's most powerful telepath. They live near the Mexican border, in hiding, whilst Logan works as a very anti-social limo driver trying to save up enough money to buy a small boat so they can live by the sea, a safe distance from people.

The bickering, accusations, dependence, and veering between hostility and affection is very familiar for anyone who has ever had to care for an elderly parent.

Stewart is magnificent in this. I reckon this is his warm up for a turn as King Lear on stage. When a young girl comes into their life (played by the scene stealing Dafne Keen) and turns out to have claws and the tendency to beserker rage like the Wolverine, of course Professor X wants to help her. They go on the run from corporate baddies after the little girl. Who is quite frankly, a miniature killing machine. This film is bloody, and much of the slaughter is done by her. And its well choreographed, explosive violence.

Hugh Jackman....words fail me.Magnificent. This man has been playing this character for 17 years. 17 glorious years. He has ruined the chance that anyone else will be able to step into his shoes. He's an actor at the height of his craft.And his portrayal here is the heart of the film, its EVERYTHING.
The three actors- Jackman, Keen and Stewart- play off each other beautifully. James Mangold the director has done a phenomenal job. He co-wrote, and the thorough collaboration between him and Jackman has yielded fantastic results onscreen.

Kudos to everyone involved in this project, and to the studio for getting out of the way and letting Jackman go full throttle with this film. Stephan Merchant as the albino mutant Caliban who cares for the Professor, deserves a special mention. As does Eric LaSalle, playing the father of a lovely family who give the fugitive 3 an evening of warmth, and laughter.
I went to see this film with my movie buddy, and the son and heir (who is a comic book geek). I hadn't originally wanted to see it. I'm so, so glad I did.

At the end, the entire audience was just...stunned at what we'd all seen. Most people sat through all the credits, reluctant to leave. I was bruised emotionally, after seeing this. And uplifted.

Just...go and see it. And if its not in any cinemas near you, buy the DVD when it comes out.
I will.

No! Not Claudio!

....And in the other breaking news, Leicester City Football Club has sacked Claudio Ranieri, the manager who took them to their first win of the top league in English football in their entire history last season, as this brilliant video by Vadym Sklyark shows because of how poorly they've performed so far this season.


An honest, humble gentleman, he deserved some loyalty, and to be treated with respect. They could have given him a directorship of some kind- a prominent, symbolic position- rather than just ousted. He and the players gave us an amazing, spirit-lifting, Cinderella story last year. The last few weeks of end March-May, the entire country was hanging on with bated breath to see if a team whose total value was less than one of the top Premier League players, a team of journeymen and B or C listers, could turn the money-dominated world of football on its head. This was regardless as to whether you were a Leicester City fan, or even a football fan at all. It spoke to our feelings of going up against power and money and succeeding with grit, determination and relying on each other. The buzz about it was glorious.
It was proof that decent people can sometimes get a break.

Today's news is a slap in the face.Shame on you, Leicester City.
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shine a light on our new generation

So far, in 2017 its not safe to discuss either Brexit or The Donald...

My first entry of 2017- didn't realise I hadn't posted yet. Question Time is just starting on BBC, David Dimbleby's emollient tones filling the air on radio as well as tv.
In Western society, there's a seriously pissed off mood, when it comes to traditional political parties, and the Internet and social media means that mood is spread far and wide, fast.
I voted 'Remain' in the EU referendum, but I don't dismiss those who voted 'Leave' as racist, pro-Ukip etc. Not least because, in my local area I got the impression most black and asian people voted leave.
As regards events in the US, it seems to me that The Donald pulled off a great hustle, having originally entered the Presidential race not expecting or wanting to win, but to get wider (international) recognition for the Trump brand.I reckon he was as stunned as anyone to win...and totally unprepared as to what he'd do if he became the President.

Right now, it looks as if he's winging it.Trying to run the whole thing as a company, where he delegates areas of responsibility to people. He can't keep up this crazy pace of activity for long, though.

In the meantime, check out the doobrey below. It was on the page when I started doing this entry, reflects my NaNo status!

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