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27 December 2015 @ 12:58 am
Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, the year's end, whatever you celebrate....Its that time of the year again.
Let us all remember the people who are not with us any more (Dad,I miss you) and cherish the people who still are.

To all those wonderful LJers out there, who've been on LiveJournal since way back, I give a shout out.
And to my fellow citizens of the world, I send you a virtual hug of friendship.
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01 December 2015 @ 12:14 am

Did it!


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03 November 2015 @ 09:23 pm

Slow and steady start...

Anyone else out there doing it? Lets encourage and help each other.
I'm going to try and write a bit every day, instead of my usual forgetting the frist 3-4 days that its actually happening, then panicking, then writing in spurts..
I've got one of those fantastic daily word count/tracker thingies that Erik Benson created way back in 2004, and which thousands of NaNoers have used every year since. It adds up your total, encourages you to rate morale, tells you after each day what date you'd finish if you produced that amount of words each day, does a graph...its incredible.
If you're reading this, and want to use it, follow this url, download and update it (most recent one is 2011) its an excel worksheet format:
(2007 version. you can update the date column easily)

You can keep updating the year, and if you want a word count other than 50000 as your writing goal, do a CTRL+H to replace 50000 with whatever word count you want.
To find most recent one, google 'erik benson nanowrimo report card excel spreadsheet', or variations thereon, as other have kept updating it.

Another great spreadsheet wordcunt producer is here:
beautifully illustrated steampunk, pirate, fanatsy etc versions

Other writing tools, look here on Stephanie A Cain's site:

And here, on Tracy Lucas' site:

So, are you ready?
Lets Write!!!!
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01 November 2015 @ 06:01 pm
That time of year, again!

Well, I've taken the first step: Load up the widget, counter thingy.
Now, I just need to decide what I'm doing-
Which project
Which genre
Basically, everything

No pressure.
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19 October 2015 @ 11:44 am
Its been a difficult year.
Lost a job I didnt care about...but then the one that I did care about, the institution ran into unexpected (licence) difficulties and lost a lot of money, so I'm on hiatus from there.

Still haven't truly mourned Dad's passing. Am kind of frozen at the 'not ready to accept it stage'. Not having a grave to visit-he died abroad and was cremated- doesn't help. I'm trying to at least get a picture of where his ashes are buried.

The 'Son and Heir' has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis unexpectedly despite being only in his 20s, and the treatment for it is brutal.

I'm at a crossroads as to what to do -- career wise, financially, socially...


I've decided to a) try to build/rebuild contacts, relationships with friends and family. Let them know they're appreciated as it can't be taken for granted that they'll always be there. b) take a mini-sabbatical -6 months?- to get things in order, emotionally, healthwise, financially. Make a will, clear debts, repair my house etc. c) revive my creative writing. I've joined two writers groups and am starting slowly to write new stuff. Also, to publish via ebooks both previously published (poetry) stuff from back in the day, AND new work, in the form of short stories and novellas in the scifi,fantasy and urban fantasy field.

Thats...quite a list, huh?

Also, the most personal I've ever been on LJ.
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24 December 2014 @ 09:04 pm
My first Christmas without Dad. Not sure how its going to be, but I want to reach out to all the people who I've followed on LJ for years, and any who might glance at my LJ here. Thanks for your wonderful writing :D. And for people who drop by here, or my Friends page- thank you, I'm going to be more active this coming year, not just lurk around LJ and AO3 reading fanfic. I'll write and blog. In fact, I hope to put out a tiny ebook over the hols, either a couple of short stories or a Caribbean cookbook!

I do hope to spend the holidays getting in touch by phone or Skype with friends or family I haven't been in contact with as regularly as I should have, or people I haven't been in contact with for years. Death has a way of making you realize that you cant take for granted people will always be around.

It will be my first Christmas for 24 years without my son, as he's going to spend it with his girlfriend, in a small town outside London. My wonderful Canadian friend Joyce is coming over and we're going to do a mashup of Chinese duck (which she went to collect today) English turkey leg/joint and traditional veg brussel sprouts and parsnips (which I got) Caribbean fish,rice and peas, and our version of macaroni cheese pie,(which I'll cook) Canadian desert... YUMM!

seasons greetings

Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Winter Solstice, the year's end, whatever you celebrate I send you a virtual hug of friendship.
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26 November 2014 @ 11:42 pm
Today's my birthday. First one without my Dad.
The day hasn't been too bad, considering.

Lovely,lovely treatment at work.
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01 September 2014 @ 12:15 am
Today, at 8am, I got a phone call. Telling me my Dad had died.
My Father wasn't a young man. He was old, 89. And I'd visited him abroad, (where he'd retired to live) in June. And even then, I was worried that he was kind of closed off to the world in his mind. Detached.As if he'd decided to...check out. So I hugged, heckled, joked with him, argued, bantered, harassed, coaxed him back into agreeing to hang on for just a bit longer.
Because, despite the fact that I myself am no longer young, I'm still a Daddy's girl at heart.
My Dad was (and oh, how I HATE referring to him in the past tense) a witty,dynamic,stoic guy. He'd kept his looks and charisma even into old age, and most of his mental faculties.
He was one of that generation of Caribbean people asked to come to England after the War (WW II) to rebuild the Mother Country, and in the 1950s he set out and did just that. And as if that adventure wasn't enough, in his 40s he spent some time as a merchant seaman, sailing the world. There's not been much written of the lives and times of that generation of the Caribbean diaspora. Not from their perspective. Maybe I'll do a short memoir for him.
We had a bond that developed before I was born, as during my mother's pregnancy, he had morning sickness, and backache. So after I arrived, we were set for a lifelong close relationship. He encouraged me to follow my dreams- whether he understood some of them or not.
And when my son came along, he was an AWESOME Grandad.

Today, I've mostly been numb. It doesn't seem real yet. He died suddenly, at home, and he wasn't alone. I'm grateful for that.
31st August is going to be a day I dislike from now on.

Love you, Dad.
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24 November 2013 @ 12:50 pm
Stumbled across this via the hilarious Orlando Jones on Twitter.(Follow him -> @TheOrlandoJones)
THE song for people who read fanfic erm,watch tv and cant stop 'shipping' people. Even if they're inappropriate. Even if they're mortal enemies. Even if they've never met. Or are in different shows in copletely different genres. *Looking away, shifty-eyed*

The talented group Not Literally have come up with this bouncy number, called 'I Ship It. Whooo!

I am supposed to be finishing some research. Or writing a profile for a website. Or at the very least, doing a review for a good film- like, say, 'Man of Steel'.
But, like many, many others, I am caught up in the phenomenon known as 'Sharknado'.
It was bad, people. Joyously bad. Vintage.
I speak with confidence. A veteran of years of Friday night late night bad horror/scifi on cable.
And a graduate of the SyFy (still shuddering at the change of channel name) Channel's 'classics' like 'Sharktopus'and 'Megalodon'.

But 'Sharknado'...BROUGHT IT.
Sharks caught up in tornados, raining down live on LA, flying through the sky and eating people? Check
A hero with a divorced wife, estranged bitter teenage daughter and a seedy bar? Check
A bunch of bad science? Check (Yes, Eugenia.You can stop tornados by flying helicopters into them and throwing small explosive devices into the middle)

People running, screaming and falling down so they were conveniently on the ground to get eaten by the sharks who survived falling out of the tornado onto the ground? Check

A homage to a good film? Check. The film was 'Jaws'. Sharknado was 'Jaws' as it would have been if instead of one shark in the ocean, the Shark was thousands of great whites in the air. And if Quint was replaced by a bikini clad waitress with a pump action shotgun -the AWESOME Cassie Scerbo. Srsly. Sign her up for 'Wonderwoman NOW! She did 'the speech' about how sharks had killed her grandpa and bunch of rescuers leaving her the sole survivor when she was a ittle kid.So, she hates them. So she blasted them out of the sky, out of drains, out of trees etc with the shotgun.

Bad continuity? Check
Cheap, unconvincing Special Effects? Check
An implausible- going to rescue my family who live on a hill so me and a band of friends have to run the gamut of shark attacks by sea, land, air-plot? Check
An event bringing people together by means of the most hilarious Tweets? Check

And it had, not just one, but TWO money shots! TWO...See for yourself

At a time where like so many, I'm tired and broke, 'Sharknado' gave me and my son a couple hours of joy.
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